I gots me a biiiiig pot ‘o basil outside that was just hankerin’ for some end of summer fun. Usually he pretty much only partakes in pesto fiestas so this was a new one for him. And for me. Who knew basil iced tea was even a thing? Well I’m here to tell you … […]

💖 Magic moment alert! So I’ve been experiencing profound symptoms and for many months wasn’t feeling well enough to paint as I used to. It had always uplifted me so much over the course of the past 2 years to paint just a little at a time. What an amazing thing that all of these […]

“Oh no you di’int!” Oh yes, I did! Y’all know how much emphasis I put on achieving the right texture on your tongue. (By the way, being from New York, that may very well be my first “y’all” in the history of time!) Y’alls aside, it’s beyond words. When something’s all soft and chewy, ooey […]

Couple’a if-y’don’t-haves for this recipe. Swap away, my beautiful friends, swap away! If y’don’t have oat flour, pop about 2 3/4 cup of oats (rolled, old fashioned or whatever y’got) into your food processor and voila! Oat flour! If y’don’t have dried mulberries, swap in raisins. Either way they should be raisin-sized, so if your […]

So somebody ’round here (we won’t name names 😉) didn’t feel like cutting up these big onions, so we came up with a way to not do that, tee hee! The drippings are soooooooo savory good! That’s really the best part. Reminds me of French Onion Soup. Yum. Cook ’em nice ‘n long, as long long […]

So I *have* to have a crock pot of beans made up every week. It’s official. Otherwise I’ll grab too many protein bars. I mean protein bars are *awesome* and I love them but 3 a day? Doesn’t work for me. I need food! Easy food! Food where if your symptoms are actin’ up y’can […]

Remember those cukes from the #notmygarden ? Turns out the “best pickles I’ve ever had in my whole life” (direct quote from boyfriend #notbragging) are *ridiculously* easy to make! Purdy too! (No filter. They be vibrant green, bay-bee!) Being that I’ve never in my life made pickles before, plus the fact that googling “make your […]

This one was inspired by Mandy, who sent me a pic of her friend’s pre-packaged protein bar mix. (Who knew they even made such a thing! I had no idea!) Not bad but methinks we can do better! 😉 It’s so awesome to make things yourself, so you get to choose what goes in there […]

You guys, before you run away at the thought of making your own nutbutter, read this next sentence and *then* decide whether you wanna run away, deal? Here’s what I gots ta say: This is both *way* delicious* and way *easier* than you think! (Pinkie swear!) Two simple steps to Yummiville, population: one. (Or two […]

Our quest for an M&M-free existence continues with this dark chocolatey treat. So the other day a friend of mine was telling me ’bout a little ongoing brawl they’ve been havin’ with a bowl o’ peanut M&M’s. Whenever the contents began dwindling down, a well-meaning coworker would fill it right back up again. #thankyounothankyou So […]