Spoiler alert: We’ve got a sprinkling of cheese and a buncha nightshades up in here. I usually avoid these things but once in a while do enjoy just a lil bit. Well, I enjoy it a ton actually but what I mean is, in moderation. 😊 YUM! Nightshades are not evil like white sugar (yes, […]

So last week I discovered two things which were pretty extra. 1. Sweet brown rice. The name is deceiving cuz it’s not particularly sweet … What’s special about this rice is the smooth and creamy texture. The grains are sorta shiny, short, thick and rounded, like sticky rice. For me, this makes a huge difference. […]

“Does this taste like anything you recognize?” “Some really fancy pasta dish.” (Ooh, I like that comment.) “I was tryin’ to make a vegan mac ‘n cheese but I don’t think I’m gonna call it that.” “It’s *better* than mac n’ cheese.” Heard later, when we’re having seconds for dinner: “You should make this *every* […]

I’m a big fan of easy. Didja know that ’bout me? Well it’s true. That’s why when I finally got down what I was gonna use for this recipe and the time came for the “how,” well … what sounded *really* good to me was somethin’ like “throw it all into the blender and boom!” […]

This is seriously delicious but comes with a couple’a disclaimers. 😊 Are ya ready? [ Oh by the way … If you are the proud owner of a Vitamix … A. I’m so jealous and B. You can skip right over this part. ] So here’s the dealio. Spinach. I know. Flavor-wise, you’d never have […]

Fascinating thing about this mint cacao chip cookie experiment. Day one: Disappointment. Didn’t taste the way I had wanted. Day three: Fished ’em out’a the fridge with zero high hopes. Well suddenly I was *loving* them. Has this ever happened to you? Guess I let them be themselves without expecting something else. (I think this […]

These are fun to watch and taste like a healthier ginger ale. Both very good things! Amounts are approximate. Depending on your taste buds, you may like more or less sweetness and more or less of a ginger kick. I tend to go for more kick and less sweet … But you do you, k? […]

“There once was a king who offered a prize to the artist who would paint the best picture of peace. Many artists tried. The king looked at all the pictures. But there were only two he really liked, and he had to choose between them. One picture was of a calm lake. The lake was […]

Yaaaaaaay! Yaaaaaaay! I am currently typing this out for you while waiting til I can nosh on some more o’ this. I’m spacing out portions with 2 hours in between, that’s the plan. Whatcha think? Good plan, right? I am soooooo excited! While I wait, allow me share with you how this all came about. […]

❤ A little update for everyone who wrote weeks ago asking about my trip to Seattle to see the specialist in complex illnesses: Thank you so much for your kindness, your prayers and good thoughts during my trip (I definitely felt your energy!) … for your patience as I rested up once I returned (I […]