This one was inspired by Mandy, who sent me a pic of her friend’s pre-packaged protein bar mix. (Who knew they even made such a thing! I had no idea!) Not bad but methinks we can do better! 😉 It’s so awesome to make things yourself, so you get to choose what goes in there […]

You guys, before you run away at the thought of making your own nutbutter, read this next sentence and *then* decide whether you wanna run away, deal? Here’s what I gots ta say: This is both *way* delicious* and way *easier* than you think! (Pinkie swear!) Two simple steps to Yummiville, population: one. (Or two […]

Our quest for an M&M-free existence continues with this dark chocolatey treat. So the other day a friend of mine was telling me ’bout a little ongoing brawl they’ve been havin’ with a bowl o’ peanut M&M’s. Whenever the contents began dwindling down, a well-meaning coworker would fill it right back up again. #thankyounothankyou So […]

The mission: Keep us away from that bowl o’ peanut M&M’s! 😉 THE NUTBUTTER: Choose a nutbutter with no added crappola. Flip it around and check the label. It should basically just say “nuts” in the ingredients list. Some sneaky companies hide sugar in there … No fair, Skippy and Jif! 😞 We love you, […]

So this happened: Right when we’d just about given up on making tasty and healthy sweet potato fries or veggie chips in the oven, we discovered this thing … the Gotham Steel Crisper. And all I can say is oh … ma gah … It makes it so easy! Truly, previously we’d put them on […]

This dish was inspired by Kimber Bowers, who showed me how to make raw cauliflower “rice” then toss in whatever ya got in yer garden and BOOM! Lunch! I am loving her so much right now for that! Add to that the discovery of a salad shooter right here in my closet (which I had […]

So marjoram. Do you know it? I didn’t. Til two of my friends told me I could cavort in their garden when they were away so I picked a buncha random stuff for a little food adventure and here’s what transpired. As it stands this is really tasty but to be honest I played it […]

Guys, guys, look what I discovered! If you freeze fresh cherries with the stems on, when they begin to defrost you get this pretty, frosty effect. People will ask how you did it and it’s soooo easy! So … frosty cherries aside, there are two ways to make this … dark chocolate or milk chocolate. […]

It’s my sense that when we create from the heart and spirit, we are choosing a world of abundant possibility ❤ rather than what Benjamin Zander explains with a smile as the downward spiral of limited resources, competition and survival. Watch him playfully unlock possibility right before our eyes in a young musician… (Thanks to […]

Oh my, my! Don’t let the fact that this is green and healthy fool ya. It tastes just like my former friend the Nutterbutter cookie, for reals Things like this just make me so friggin’ happy … when delicious and good-for-ya come together all in one place. You can tell how excited I am cuz I […]