adventures in the kitchen …

Along my healing journey, I discovered this thing called an Anti-Inflammation Diet. Actually, not a diet so much as a way of eating. No refined sugar, no white flour, lotsa veggies … super-healthy, right?

Well, suddenly I was noticing that I *LOVED* to cook! Whenever I made something, I would become instantly happy! Who knew! I loved exploring what I could do with different spices and flavors and things and creating new yummy recipes and feeling as if I were being oh-so-very healthy. Yaay!

So here I am traipsing through the kitchen. Admittedly, one or two of my earliest posts (uh, piñata cookies, really?) are *not* doctor-approved but the rest are. I just follow the joy and see where it leads me!

Click a recipe below to come play in the kitchen …

Spoiler alert: We’ve got a sprinkling of cheese and a buncha nightshades up in here. I usually avoid these things but once in a while do enjoy just a lil bit. Well, I enjoy it a ton actually but what I mean is, in moderation. 😊 YUM! Nightshades are not evil like white sugar (yes, […]

So last week I discovered two things which were pretty extra. 1. Sweet brown rice. The name is deceiving cuz it’s not particularly sweet … What’s special about this rice is the smooth and creamy texture. The grains are sorta shiny, short, thick and rounded, like sticky rice. For me, this makes a huge difference. […]

“Does this taste like anything you recognize?” “Some really fancy pasta dish.” (Ooh, I like that comment.) “I was tryin’ to make a vegan mac ‘n cheese but I don’t think I’m gonna call it that.” “It’s *better* than mac n’ cheese.” Heard later, when we’re having seconds for dinner: “You should make this *every* […]

I’m a big fan of easy. Didja know that ’bout me? Well it’s true. That’s why when I finally got down what I was gonna use for this recipe and the time came for the “how,” well … what sounded *really* good to me was somethin’ like “throw it all into the blender and boom!” […]

This is seriously delicious but comes with a couple’a disclaimers. 😊 Are ya ready? [ Oh by the way … If you are the proud owner of a Vitamix … A. I’m so jealous and B. You can skip right over this part. ] So here’s the dealio. Spinach. I know. Flavor-wise, you’d never have […]

Fascinating thing about this mint cacao chip cookie experiment. Day one: Disappointment. Didn’t taste the way I had wanted. Day three: Fished ’em out’a the fridge with zero high hopes. Well suddenly I was *loving* them. Has this ever happened to you? Guess I let them be themselves without expecting something else. (I think this […]

These are fun to watch and taste like a healthier ginger ale. Both very good things! Amounts are approximate. Depending on your taste buds, you may like more or less sweetness and more or less of a ginger kick. I tend to go for more kick and less sweet … But you do you, k? […]

Yaaaaaaay! Yaaaaaaay! I am currently typing this out for you while waiting til I can nosh on some more o’ this. I’m spacing out portions with 2 hours in between, that’s the plan. Whatcha think? Good plan, right? I am soooooo excited! While I wait, allow me share with you how this all came about. […]

So for years my boyfriend and I used to love going to American Hotel for drinks. A cozy little space with a friendly but dignified bartender, of course the traditional wood bar, and I think a fireplace too, right? If they don’t have one, they totally should. It’s just that kinda place. One thing they […]

You’ve heard me talk about it before … Texture. See, a big thing I noticed when I began eating clean was this yearning for something *smooth* LIKE ice cream or *chewy* LIKE brownies. Like. I was missing not the foods but the *sensation* of those foods. So I told you I was the former cookie […]