adventures in the kitchen …

Along my healing journey, I discovered this thing called an Anti-Inflammation Diet. Actually, not a diet so much as a way of eating. No refined sugar, no white flour, lotsa veggies … super-healthy, right?

Well, suddenly I was noticing that I *LOVED* to cook! Whenever I made something, I would become instantly happy! Who knew! I loved exploring what I could do with different spices and flavors and things and creating new yummy recipes and feeling as if I were being oh-so-very healthy. Yaay!

So here I am traipsing through the kitchen. Admittedly, one or two of my earliest posts (uh, piñata cookies, really?) are *not* doctor-approved but the rest are. I just follow the joy and see where it leads me!

Click a recipe below to come play in the kitchen …

This falls under the category of a clean, plant based swap where if you call it the thing (pepperoni) you may face criticism but if you call it not-the-thing (tempeh-rroni … which is its own thing … sorta) then people are free to get all excited ’bout how delicious it is, without wasting time on […]

Chef John has the best energy! I mean really, how often can y’say “Aaaw, I just love listening to this guy cook!” 😉 Listening? I mean really. That doesn’t happen every day now does it? Nuh. But Chef John is just like that. Endearing. Like the brother you never had … who woulda made you […]

By down ‘n dirty I mean stupid simple. Sometimes when I’m hankering for somethin’ snackish, I’ll play mad scientist, toss together a buncha stuff I’ve got lying around and hope for the best. This was one’a those little experiments that went deliciously right. . . . . . . . . . Down ‘n Dirty Oatmeal Cookie […]

Ok you guys, so I accidentally made really delicious soup. I know, I know, “Who on earth accidentally makes delicious soup?” Apparently, me. I feel like Christopher Columbus! It all started when I had the bright idea to make my dad’s daily fresh pressed juice A. without a juicer and B. without an awareness of […]

I’ve been really enjoying baby food lately. (No baby required.) When Mr. Pain rolls up in his purple Maserati, it’s cool to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Things you can make that are super simple and low energy. Take this dessert. It’s easy. Even so, if y’read through the directions and your brain […]

Ever heard of an Apple Shrub? Yeah, me neither. 😉 Til one day I wanted to make somethin’ new and interesting with my Amara Apple-Maqui Berry Baby Food. That’s when I discovered this weird thing. So Apple Shrub is a cocktail, guys. Usually. It inspired this non-alcoholic fruit dip recipe. See I’m using ingredients for […]

My boyfriend calls this a CBLT, as in, Col’s Bacun Lettuce and Tomato sandwich. (Whenever I’m makin’ a new thing, if y’don’t keep an eye on him, he’ll put “Col” in the name. I think that’s so funny.) It’s endearing that he does this so I’m keepin’ this name, for the “aaaaw!” factor alone. It […]

Once again … I’m in love with a food! My first experiment with this was in a CBLT sandwich for my boyfriend. Guys, I’m tellin’ ya … I wanted seconds and thirds … Which is a very good sign, doncha think? PS He looooooooved it. Crunchy and flavorful, totally satisfying. Felt like comfort food. *HE* wanted […]

I wish all’a my recipes came with cool names. Sometimes right away something pops into my head. When I don’t automatically think of a great name, I err on the side of “descriptive.” Which equals boring. My dream would be food that’s tasty, pretty and healthy (check, check and check) … With a name that’s […]

What’s that they say about necessity being the mother of invention? So Momma brought me green beans. (Something I pretty much *never* buy on my own. Aren’t these things kinda sorta not exactly the most delicious things you’ve ever had in all of your food adventures? Least that’s what my faulty memory banks led me […]