adventures in the kitchen …

Along my healing journey, I discovered this thing called an Anti-Inflammation Diet. Actually, not a diet so much as a way of eating. No refined sugar, no white flour, lotsa veggies … super-healthy, right?

Well, suddenly I was noticing that I *LOVED* to cook! Whenever I made something, I would become instantly happy! Who knew! I loved exploring what I could do with different spices and flavors and things and creating new yummy recipes and feeling as if I were being oh-so-very healthy. Yaay!

So here I am traipsing through the kitchen. Admittedly, one or two of my earliest posts (uh, piñata cookies, really?) are *not* doctor-approved but the rest are. I just follow the joy and see where it leads me!

Click a recipe below to come play in the kitchen …

Snow … or no snow? Not that it matters at this point cuz they’re both in muh bella but y’ know … for the future. 😉 The snow version’s real easy, just coconut flakes whipped up in a little bullet blender for a few secs. Ups the cuteness factor I think but for taste I’d […]

Have y’heard about sweet potato toast? Yeah, me too. Well I just had to find out what all’a the hullabaloo was about. After all, something as healthy and eeeeeeeeasy as that would be right up my alley, right? Oh yes! When I saw people posting yaays and naays, the biggest naay was not “it doesn’t work” […]

This recipe was semi inspired by Super Jed Kobernucz. What I mean is … If it were *fully* inspired by that guy it would be, well … bacon. Or it would at *least* be made from stuff that’s already in his pantry. But this time I temporarily don’t care 😉 and here’s why: Jed told […]

This lil’ project I did earlier this year made me flash back to my childhood, hmm, about kindergarten I’d say. Did you have this experience too? They gave you a lima bean and you covered it with a wet paper towel on a paper plate, then one day you ran in from the bus only […]

So how come I want to start off pretty much every recipe with “Yaaaaaaay!” Guess that’s a good sign. This is so flavorful, one’a those “I don’t feel deprived!” foods. (Maybe that explains the “yaaay” a lil bit.) Depending on your taste buds, you can adjust the sauce to noodle ratio. For me, this is […]

What can I say? Vanilla protein powder seems to make everything better. (Have you noticed that too?) And … Next time I make this, I may add a dash of salt. Momma says it brings out the sweet. That’s so hard to believe, right? But I suspect it may be true. I may get brave […]

I gots me a biiiiig pot ‘o basil outside that was just hankerin’ for some end of summer fun. Usually he pretty much only partakes in pesto fiestas so this was a new one for him. And for me. Who knew basil iced tea was even a thing? Well I’m here to tell you … […]

“Oh no you di’int!” Oh yes, I did! Y’all know how much emphasis I put on achieving the right texture on your tongue. (By the way, being from New York, that may very well be my first “y’all” in the history of time!) Y’alls aside, it’s beyond words. When something’s all soft and chewy, ooey […]

Couple’a if-y’don’t-haves for this recipe. Swap away, my beautiful friends, swap away! If y’don’t have oat flour, pop about 2 3/4 cup of oats (rolled, old fashioned or whatever y’got) into your food processor and voila! Oat flour! If y’don’t have dried mulberries, swap in raisins. Either way they should be raisin-sized, so if your […]

So somebody ’round here (we won’t name names 😉) didn’t feel like cutting up these big onions, so we came up with a way to not do that, tee hee! The drippings are soooooooo savory good! That’s really the best part. Reminds me of French Onion Soup. Yum. Cook ’em nice ‘n long, as long long […]