Jeanna Gabellini

Jeanna Gabellini

I’m Jeanna Gabellini and I am the creator, trainer and coach at MasterPeace Coaching. I have a rock star team that supports me so that I can do the stuff I love.

What I dig most is helping people to expand into their ‘someday dreams’ with sizzle. No fizzling out.

Overwhelm sucks. Trying to control things is hard. And hoping and praying that things work out causes mental and emotional fatigue and doesn’t deliver results.

My focus is getting people to live into their sweet spot, doing it 100% their way, more easily than they’ve ever done before.

I like delivering attraction strategies in bite size doable chunks and mixing it up with some humor. Life is supposed to be fun. Remember?

Infallible Health Home Study System

Infallible Health Home Study System

There are so many rules, fears, misconceptions and mind games surrounding the topic of health.


Well-being is your natural state. Your body knows exactly what to do, if only you would allow it. It is imperative that you get your mind out of the way.

I came together with health expert, David Di Francesco to put together a course that fries most people’s brains about what they deal with regarding their health. We teach people how to heal ANY malfunction in their body, let go of any unwanted weight and blow up the thinking that created it!

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