Wendy Yellen

Wendy YellenWendy Yellen supports “Difference Makers” around the globe to do the great work they are meant to do. She uses a unique modality that is at once ancient art AND ancient science.

If you’re trying to “remember” how to feel good, or your heart is breaking from the pain you are in, know that there IS another way. For more than 32 years, Wendy has been working with “Difference Makers” to accelerate reconnection to their true and real abilities.  Wendy Yellen has been recognized internationally as one of the top 10 go-to practitioners in her field.

Are you a “Difference Maker”?

Are you someone of heart and integrity, who knows you are here to make a difference, and has an unshakable commitment to your own expansion? Is that who you are to your very core?

Then you are invited to apply for a conversation with Wendy Yellen about how she, with the 21st century process she uses, can help you make an even bigger difference in the world.


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