Hint o' Mint Protein Crunch Squares

hint o’ mint protein crunch bars

So this is what my pal Bob Ross would call a happy accident.

I was attempting to make a protein-rich version of Cashew Freezer Fudge but oops, I put in mint instead of vanilla … then decided to go completely off the rails and it’s nuthin’ like the original, ‘cept for the freezer part! Yum though!

See, I’m a lil’ bit accident prone but it’s all good!

Maria: “Wow … you should bring some over!”
Me: “Well … if it wasn’t already in my belly!”

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Hint o’ Mint Protein Crunch Bars Recipe

Warm slightly (I placed a glass bowl in a sink full of hot water til the honey and coconut butter melted) and mix all ingredients in a large bowl until blended well. Spread onto wax paper lined plate and freeze until solid, about an hour. Enjoy!

Hint o' Mint Protein Crunch Squares


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