Homegrown Sprouts Recipe 

homegrown sprouts

This lil’ project I did earlier this year made me flash back to my childhood, hmm, about kindergarten I’d say.

Did you have this experience too?

They gave you a lima bean and you covered it with a wet paper towel on a paper plate, then one day you ran in from the bus only to find it had sprouted and was growing into a teeny tiny baby plant.

What magic was this?

I remember the feeling so deep inside of me, this *awe* about the natural world.

So flash forward to spring of 2017, when I discovered how easy it was (and dare I say “fun”? Yes, yes, I said it!) to grow your own sprouts.

To top salads … and veggie burgers … and stir fries … and … What do *you* put *your* sprouts on?

Why do I love so much the whole idea of seeing things grow? I really think it all began with that little lima bean baby!

And oh by the way, can I get an “amen!” on the color of this mason jar?  #gawgeous

. . . . . . . . .

Homegrown Sprouts Recipe 

  • 1/2 cup lentils
  • water
  • mason jar
  • sieve, large
  • cheesecloth or stainless steel mesh
  • rubber band

Rinse lentils in sieve under running water, picking through and removing, uh, anything that is not a lentil. 😉

Transfer to mason jar, filling with water to fully cover lentils and cover with cheese cloth secured by rubber band. Soak overnight (or about 8 hours).

Next morning, leaving cheesecloth on, drain, turning jar upside down over sink. Rinse and drain again a few times til water runs clear then set jar on its side, away from direct sunlight.

About every 12 hours, rinse and drain lentils then leave jar on its side again.

Soon lentils will begin to sprout and should be ready to eat in about 3 or so days, when tails are about an inch long.

Top on a salad or veggie burger or in a stir fry. Enjoy!

Homegrown Sprouts Recipe 

Homegrown Sprouts Recipe 

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