healthier cashew milk

pure & simple cashew milk

These days I’m all about crave substitutes … Paying attention to what I’m yearning for and finding a healthy swap for it. I’m almost always able to find or concoct a substitute to satisfy most cravings that pop up to say “hey!”

For someone like me who avoids dairy AND carrageenan and all of the other additives that are typically in packaged nut milks, this recipe is a super nice option. It’s uber easy (no overnight nut soaking or nut bag needed), clean and delish.

If you’re used to full fat milk you’ll notice this one is thinner. No thinner than most of the pre-packaged nut milks out there though and way better for you. (Of course!)

Serve over kamut flakes with sliced bananas to satisfy a craving for cereal with milk in a Dr. Diamond approved way. Yaaay!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Pure & Simple Cashew Milk

Pulse in blender for about 20 seconds and serve chilled. That’s all! Oh, and, enjoy!

* Note: Served as a frothy drink, the maple syrup tastes great but poured over kamut flakes with sliced banana you may or may not need it.

healthier cashew milk

healthier cashew milk

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