scrumptious treasure balls

scrumptious treasure balls

An experiment in deliciousness, gone so very right! (And let me tell you, that is *not* always the case!)

Inspired by my friend Virginia and her quest for supreme yumminess!

Zero bad stuff, 100% good stuff, with a tiny little surprise in the middle.

Thank the angels that Barbara told me to always keep some shredded coconut in the freezer. Genius! 

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Scrumptious Treasure Balls Recipe

Combine chia seeds with sunflower seed butter, honey and vanilla and blend well. Add dry ingredients except chocolate chunks.

Scoop up a small lump of dough, pressing it into a tablespoon and making a well with your finger. Drop one chocolate chunk into the well. Cover with another lump of dough and mold into a ball.

These are best when kept at room temperature so the chocolate doesn’t harden. Enjoy!

scrumptious treasure balls


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