The Healing Toolkit: Your Passport to Adventure

Magical Medical Mystery Tour upgrade giftsReceive the entire Magical Medical Mystery Tour teleseminar series in a set of nine downloadable MP3s, plus Your Healing Toolkit and a gift from each of our facilitators … transformational tools and techniques in video, pdf and audio form … to further support you on your journey.

You will receive …

  • A set of 9 downloadable MP3s for your personal listening library — The entire Magical Medical Mystery Tour series, containing wisdom, tools and techniques from 9 of the top transformation facilitators of our time. Download and listen whenever or wherever you like, on your computer, iPod or smart phone.
    PLUS …
  • The Healing Toolkit: Your Passport to Adventure ebook from Col (Interactive workbook including tools we’re exploring in the series, along with inspiring imagery, insights, tips and personal stories about the tools.)
  • The Tree Eidetic Image video from Wendy Yellen (You will find this nowhere else. This video was created especially for Magical Medical Mystery Tour journeyers like you!)
  • The Art of Practice ebook from Jeanna Gabellini (Numerous tricks and techniques to use to redirect your actions and bring your practices more in line with your goals.)
  • Feeling Grateful and Tapping into Abundance audios from Brad Yates (You will be guided through exercises—using both meridian tapping and guided imagery—to help you experience even greater freedom in your life.)
  • Transition, Transformation
    and Healing in the Gap audios from Roberta Alessandra (Set of three myEnergyHeals guided visualizations written by and spoken in the hypnotic voice of Roberta Alessandra, with binaural beats by Dr. Elena Bien. Each selection was recorded live and incorporates the silent energy of a group of practitioners, making this guided imagery uniquely powerful.)
  • Transformational Card Set from Elyse Hope Killoran (Set of 5 printable cards with quotations from Elyse’s work, to remind, guide and inspire you. Created especially for Magical Medical Mystery Tour journeyers.)
  • Passion Meditation from Bob Doyle (A special guided meditation to support you in tapping into your passion and discovering your true source of power.)
  • Facilitating The Earth audio from Pam Houghteling (A dynamic, joyful audio class, giving you tools that allow you to be the energy, space and consciousness to gift and receive with the earth.)
  • Ground, Release and Renew with Love meditation from Kristin Ecklund.
  • And surprise gifts from all of the other facilitators you’ll be meeting along the way! 

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