"BEing" Painting


This was painted a few years ago, inspired by a friend’s visit to the Galapagos Islands and her fascination with the sea turtles she saw there.

My paintings almost always come with a story or a theme.

This one is about all of those times when we feel there is so much undone … and the peace that comes with the revelation that all that we need to do is just *BE* … And that is enough.

It may seem like this thought is a bit airy-fairy or unrealistic but life circumstances continue putting me in a position where it is literally impossible to do all of the things that I *think* a normal human being “should” be doing and guess what?

Life goes on … All is well … The earth does not stop spinning. In other words, it’s O…K. It just is! (Trust me on this one!)

Years ago I called a friend all stressed out. I was all buzzing and humming and, you know how it is.

He’s like, “Stop. Do you have a roof over your head and food in your mouth? Yes, you say? Then everything is ok.”

And it was.

Do you know that calm, quiet feeling when you’re under the water in the ocean?

You look up and see the light up above and the whole world is up there beyond the water’s edge but right here and right now there’s just you and the stillness down here.

Have you ever experienced that?

THAT is what this is all about. That feeling. When all you are doing is BEing.

"BEing" Painting

💗 “BEing” acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas

Love to you! With deep gratitude, all proceeds from my art go directly to my ongoing medical treatment expenses. 💗

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