Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie Recipe

chocolate covered cherry smoothie

What can I say? Vanilla protein powder seems to make everything better. (Have you noticed that too?)

And … Next time I make this, I may add a dash of salt.

Momma says it brings out the sweet. That’s so hard to believe, right? But I suspect it may be true. I may get brave ‘n just try it.

We’ll see how that goes. 😊

Ok guys so guess what? A quick google tells me Momma has not lost her danged mind after all.

“An intestinal glucose sensor also found to be located in the sweet-sensitive taste cells may provide an explanation for another mystery of sweet taste: why just a pinch of table salt tastes sweet or salt added to baked goods enhances sweet taste. Known as SGLT1, this sensor is a transporter that moves glucose into the sweet taste cell when sodium is present, thus triggering the cell to register sweetness.”

Science, guys. Science. 😉

So tell me … Do you add salt to your sweet?

. . . . . . . . .

Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie Recipe

Blend frozen cherries with liquid til smooth. Blend in powders and frozen bananas. Garnish with fresh cherries and enjoy!

Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie Recipe


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