Chocolate Nip Schmookie Dough

chocolate nip schmookie dough

You’ve heard me talk about it before … Texture. See, a big thing I noticed when I began eating clean was this yearning for something *smooth* LIKE ice cream or *chewy* LIKE brownies.


I was missing not the foods but the *sensation* of those foods.

So I told you I was the former cookie dough queen, right? Well one of the things I used to enjoy was spoonful after spoonful of this smooth, slightly chewyish, slightly stickyish treat where from time to time you would bite into a couple’a chips. There was this great smush-it-on-your-tongue sorta sensation and texture.

Cool thing about texture … you can get it multiple ways. And it don’t gots t’be bad. (If by “bad” we mean processed, loaded with chemicals and white sugar ‘n all that.)

See it’s all about texture.

Take this “cookie dough.” Can you make chocolate chip cookies outa it? No.

Does it taste like slice ‘n bake cookies? Aw, *hell* no.

Do I care? Not one bit.

It’s got that same yummy smoothness, with its own special sweetness and a nice little chippy crunch here and there.

My mouth is happy.

And it’s pretty pure. No processed gar-bah-ge … no white sugar, no white flour, you get the point. A healthier treat.

So let’s do this thang!

. . . . . . . . .

Chocolate Nip Schmookie Dough Recipe

  • 1 tbsp raw cashew butter
  • 2 tsp raw honey
  • 1 tsp cacao sweet nibs
  • scant pinch kosher salt (the tiniest bit!)
  • 2 tiny drops pure vanilla extract (optional)

Mix together honey, cashew butter and salt (and vanilla if you’re using it) til well blended. Gently mix in sweet cacao nibs. Enjoy on a nice big spoon! (Don’t you go tryin’ to make cookies now, y’hear?)

Chocolate Nip Schmookie Dough

Chocolate Nip Schmookie Dough

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