Creamy Ramen Recipe

creamy ramen

So how come I want to start off pretty much every recipe with “Yaaaaaaay!”

Guess that’s a good sign.

This is so flavorful, one’a those “I don’t feel deprived!” foods. (Maybe that explains the “yaaay” a lil bit.)

Depending on your taste buds, you can adjust the sauce to noodle ratio. For me, this is good. You can get away with adding another cake or two of noodles if you prefer a milder flavor.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Creamy Ramen Recipe

Cook ramen per package instructions. Whisk all wet ingredients in small bowl and mix in with cooked ramen (and steamed veggies, if desired) til coated. Enjoy!

Creamy Ramen Recipe

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