Crunchy Napa Slaw over World's Best Veggie Burger

crunchy napa slaw over world’s best veggie burger

Some things just make me go “yaaaaaaaay!” This is one’a those. It’s got a nice crunch and a creamy, mellow flavor.

I usually don’t tell you which specific products to buy but in this case I feel like it’s important cuz that’s where the flavors come from and these flavors go together reeeeeal nice-like. 😉

On top of that, not to be a *total* control freak but look at me also tellin’ ya how skinny the strips should be, dang! Feel free to ignore me and do whatever the heck you want but iffun ya want sheer perfection, do this …

. . . . . . . . .

Crunchy Napa Slaw over World’s Best Veggie Burger Recipe 

Combine cabbage and onion strips with mayo to make a slaw and lay down half on the plate as a bed. Add burger then top with the other half of your slaw. Enjoy!


Crunchy Napa Slaw over World's Best Veggie Burger


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