easter at the organic farm

So as you may know, my symptoms got stirred up a few weeks ago.

(I should mention, there are symptoms and there are symptoms. Some things I totally got rid of when I radically changed my eating habits … inflammation, for example, which caused intense joint pain was easy to eliminate with clean eating and no nightshades … other symptoms were my constant companions. Those were the ones that kicked it up like ten notches when about half a dozen stressful life events occurred within the course of a single week.)

So back to my story …

During this time I’ve been in bed a lot and for a period of time people brought me food. How sweet! It was awesome and WILDLY appreciated … and of course sometimes, well lotsa times actually 😉 noooooot exactly the food I’d typically be choosing, right? They know a bit about what I eat (“she seems to eat lots of veggies, that crazy girl!”) but not to the degree of, for example, pesticide-free, hormone-free, and all that. I wasn’t gonna get picky, of COURSE. The help was a blessing.

But I started noticing that on top of the flare-up of my usual symptoms, some of the ones I had gotten rid of were BACK! My hands were all stiff and painful to move … the inflammation had returned!

So I said to my mom last week, “Y’know, I *so* appreciate everything but I really would like to get back to eating only organic. Once in a while something else is ok but for the most part, I want to be organic as much as possible.”

Well I guess they took that to heart cuz Easter morning my dad comes in asking me where there may be an organic restaurant around here. I can think of one a half hour away so I name it for him. As the conversation progresses I realize they’re wanting to go there TODAY … with ME …

I say, “Oh, no, that’s not necessary, you go wherever you want to go” and my mom says, “No, it’s important for you to eat organic, we don’t want your hands to hurt.” (I’m getting tears in my eyes as I type this.)

They actually could not care less about that stuff … When they found one and then another cancerous tumor inside of my dad’s bladder, I described to them, among other things, how much of the corn in this country is designed to *produce* a toxin that will kill insects that feed on the corn and that toxin can disrupt proper organ function and cause long-term health problems in humans.

They listen and seem sufficiently concerned … but then go ahead and eat everything anyway. C’est la vie. You tell people something then beyond that, y’can’t get all concerned about other people’s choices but I’m saying this to illustrate … It’s not an issue for them, they just go on their merry way.

So I was touched that they wanted to find an organic restaurant, to take ME to. How precious. Seriously, it touched my heart. So for Easter my parents took me to this organic farm. I was beyond gleeful in the car on the way there. When we arrived I was even more over the moon as I saw all of the things that they had there.

  • I met a sweet little lamb who tried to follow me out to the car.
  • They had starter kits of organic herbs that you could plant in a pot or veggies for your garden.
  • And a cute little cafe with things that actually are on my eating plan. (Black bean and beet falafal, yahoo!)
  • My dad was pointing to things, “Do you like THIS? Well, let’s get it. Do you like THIS? Let’s get that too.”

So we ate there plus I came home with a bag full of food. Pure, fresh food. What a sweet, sweet afternoon. <3




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Michelle June 29, 2015 at 6:04 am

What great pics of you.. What a wonderful day you must have had! Where did they find this farm? Have you been back since?


Col July 1, 2015 at 5:34 am

I’ve been back about every other week, my beautiful friend! My dad came to me asking, “Where can we get an organic meal?” on Easter morning so I found this thinking it was for HIM but it actually was for ME! 🙂 At first I had no idea that’s why he was asking. That was back when I was the only one eating organic but just last week my father joined me! The GMOs and pesticides in non-organic food contribute to so many of the illnesses that people have these days. So I’m so happy he’s now doing this too! Love you!


Alicia December 25, 2017 at 7:27 am

Your parents are precious! I love how your journey has improved theirs. As I sit watching the snow fall in ME, I realize how much I miss all of you…blessings and happy holidays! Here’s to a healing 2018, which is one of my deepest wishes for you…<3 <3 xo


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