Elyse Hope Killoran

Elyse Killoran with Esther and Jerry HicksElyse Hope Killoran is a “Consciousness Catalyst”
who has spent the last decade utilizing cutting-edge consciousness technologies to empower people across the globe with tools to create “prosperity from the inside out.”

In 1999, after realizing that she had created the perfect nightmare of a life for herself (unemployed, in debt, raising two preschoolers alone after her husband got fired for having an affair with his secretary), Elyse found herself inspired to investigate why some people seem to lead rich and satisfying lives while others, who start out with every advantage, have the opposite experience.

Happily Elyse discovered that the “key to unlocking everything” is well within our control and, with thousands of people on her email list watching her every move, Elyse transformed her once miserable existence into her dream life – complete with abundance in every area: time, money, love, her dream home, purpose, play and joy..

Elyse was also a featured expert in the inaugural issue of Source Interlink Media’s “Law of Attraction” magazine.  


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