Ginger nut brownie bites

ginger nut brownie bites

How come each time I post a recipe I wanna start out with “yaaaaaaaaay!” Guess that’s a good sign, hmm?

So there are two ways to make these … One with with texture and one super smooth. That part’s up to you.

How do you like your bites? 😊

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Ginger Nut Brownie Bites Recipe 

[ Optional, for smooth bites: In food processor on high, grind hazelnut meal and hemp hearts til finely powdered. Set aside in large bowl. ]

In medium bowl, mix cashew butter with coconut oil, ginger, vanilla extract and salt. Add to large bowl of mixed hazelnut meal and hemp hearts.

In food processor on medium, grind dates til pasty. Add to large bowl of other ingredients and mix well.

Spread 1/2″ thick on parchment paper and freeze overnight or an hour til firm. Punch out circles with fruit corer (pictured below.) Enjoy!

. . . . . . . . .

PS: Keep in the fridge. Not that there were any left to actually “keep” but just sayin’ … If y’don’t go ‘n gobble ’em all up … keep those babies in the fridge, k?

Ginger nut brownie bites

Ginger nut brownie bites


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