hippie chick mango protein bars

hippie chick mango protein bars

Being so into veggies ‘n all, I’ve been looking for ways to sneak more protein into my diet. Hemp protein powder does the trick, in combination with a variety of nuts and seeds.

Bonus: Flaxseed is great source of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and lignans (antioxidants.) Super important though: To receive full benefits, you’ll always want to grind your flaxseed first, otherwise it will pass through your body undigested. Pre-ground flaxseed is an option but it can become rancid so buying it whole and grinding it yourself in a coffee grinder is a fantastic idea!

I like grade B pure maple syrup since it’s got a richer flavor and more minerals than grade A. Learned that during my first cleanse many moons ago.

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Hippie Chick Mango Protein Bars Recipe

First …

Then …

Set aside mango, nuts and seeds. Blend all other ingredients in food processor til well mixed. Add mango, nuts and seeds and pulse til these are combined but still in chunky bits. Line large pan with parchment paper and spread mixture flat about 1/2″ thick. Freeze a few hours or overnight. Slice into bars and enjoy!

PS: Store in fridge, of course!

hippie chick mango protein bars

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