Mango Sunflower Nutbutter Smoothie

Mango Sunflowerbutter Smoothie

This summer, a friend discovered that BJs sells this gargaaaaaaantuan bag of  organic frozen mango and strawberry hunks. Now they’re always there in the freezer, ready and willing, making this my new favorite (healthy) sweet treat.

Soooooo easy!

“Easy.” One’a my fave words lately, right up there with “magical” and “healthy.”

PS by the way … Ever since I’ve been adding protein to my smoothies, they’ve been hella more satisfying. (I used to get hungry immediately after, no matter what I put in there. No more o’ that!) #tipotheday 😉💙

. . . . . . . . .

Mango Sunflowerbutter Smoothie Recipe

  • Optional: 1/2 frozen banana (If you’re cutting down on natural sugars, skip the ‘nana.)

Add chia to water in bullet blender. Let sit 20 min to thicken and jelly-up. (Skip the “let sit” step if you need to, it’s not essential. I just like to think that I’m makin’ it creamier. 😉) Blend chia and water 60 seconds. Add other ingredients then blend another 60 seconds. Enjoy!

Mango Sunflower Nutbutter Smoothie

Mango Sunflower Nutbutter Smoothie

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