Angel Hair Zucchini with Creamy Cashew Sauce Recipe

angel hair zoodles with creamy cashew sauce

So delish and ultra healthy (of course!) … the result of my very first spiralizer adventure. Now I’m a huge fan!

Although the pain was immense, the magic of this day taught me so much.

I was in my happy place …

Cooking healthy foods with dear, loving and supportive friends who allow me to be me, lie down when I need to, laugh with them always, share what works for us to heal and uplift each other …

It was a very special day and I saw so clearly what an impact it makes, having something to look forward to and bringing into your world the things that light you up.

What are those things for you?

Donna and Col in the kitchen

And the spiralizer … Don’t even get me started!

We used Donna’s spiralizer. Since then I’ve been researching, reading reviews and comparing features! Here’s what I’ve found …

. . . . . . . . . . . .

BEST (in my humble opinion) BUT PRICEY: GEFU Spiralfix Spiral Cutter

Has concentric circles inside so you can center the veggie, a handle so you can do it either on the table or over a plate, a see-thru bottom with a lid so you can store your creations in the fridge and a button you can turn for varying thicknesses. But it’s a bit pricey.
. . . . . . . . . . . .

MOST COST EFFECTIVE: Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Spiral Slicer

The one Donna had didn’t have the extra features and totally, totally did the job but I did need a hand doing it. (I am a unique case though! I’m having trouble with my arm … lifting, strength and energy … so I think that I need something that’s easier than others would.) This one is great for most people!

Happy spiralizing! Xo

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Angel Hair Zoodles with Creamy Cashew Sauce Recipe

Puree cashews with nutritional yeast and 1/2 cup vegetable broth in blender until smooth. Leave in blender.

Sauté onions with coconut oil in large frying pan on medium low heat, stirring often until translucent, about 10 min. Add garlic and salt and stir for another 5 min. Add vegetable broth and pepper and simmer for 10 more min.

Cool onions, then add to cashew mixture and puree until smooth. Heat and serve over zoodles or brown rice pasta. Enjoy!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

* Don’t you worry your pretty little head … This is not regular yeast and it won’t contribute to candida … It’s gluten-free, inactive yeast that’s perfectly harmless!

Angel Hair Zucchini with Creamy Cashew Sauce

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