Reubenish Sandwich

reubenish sandwich

So I’m gonna need some feedback here, k?

I’ve been eating “ish” for so long that I can’t remember what the real reuben sandwich is like. I began liking the veggie version way better then I made the move, no looking back!

And now so many years later I honestly don’t know what the other one tastes like exactly.

So do tell …

How similar is it? Should I change the name? Is it close enough to be an “ish” version?

No of *course* I’m not gonna eat a hunk ‘o meat just to discover the answer to this nagging question, silly! 😉

PS by the way … Please try ‘n get the cleanest ingredients, k? Like ketchup without lotsa sugar, avocado mayo rather than unnatural oil mayo, organic (super important) tempeh, you know the drill. I used Tofurky Treehouse Smoky Maple Bacon Tempeh (why so many words, Tofurky people?) which was incredibly yum. I’ve linked to some good options in the ingredients list.

. . . . . . . . .

Reubenish Sandwich Recipe

Mix together first 4 ingredients into a sauce and set aside. Warm tempeh in olive oil in small frying pan then place on bread. Top with sauce and sauerkraut and enjoy.

*I will never tell you to eat normal processed white bread. After tons of searching, I chose Food for Life Gluten-free Brown Rice Bread as one of the best as far as least offensive ingredients and best flavor. It comes in the freezer section.

Reubenish Sandwich

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