Aqueous painting by Margaret Lazzari -

splashing into plan b

On the train ride to Your Perfect Life, didja ever glance out the window, shocked to find yourself surrounded by completely unfamiliar scenery?

My friend Maureen calls this Plan B.

As in … “What the heck am I doin’ over here? I am preeeet-ty sure I was supposed to be way the heck over there, for the love of Pete!”

(“For the love of Pete?” … Am I channeling somebody’s grandma now? 😉 )

Back to our tale.

So we’re here when we thought we’d be there. Well, ok then, so what do we do with that? If we’re gonna be over here anyway …

Why not hold our noses
and do a cannonball into the water?

Here’s what that looks like:

Take a look around. What’s the scenery like ’round here? What cool new and unexpected things are here just waiting for you to explore?

Did I expect to be dancing with illness? Uh, not really! THAT was not in the master plan! (Or maybe it was! I don’t know, God failed to mention that to me. 😉 )

And although I’m happy to say I still do experience joyful, beautiful and magical things, this one little wrinkle certainly does change a lot of what life looks like these days.

But guess what? Here I am and because I am here, I was prompted to find a meditation program that absolutely soothes my mind.

I was encouraged to explore all sorts of healthy new foods that I assure you would NEVER have wound up on my cookie-dough-lovin’ plate! And I am having an absolute blast with that.

I woulda never been inspired to romp with my utterly brilliant and wisdom-infused friends, bringing us all on a Magical Medical Mystery Tour.

Or to discover what an absolute joy it is, painting with friends.Aqueous painting by Margaret Lazzari -

So I say to you this …

Ok, so you’re not there, you’re here. As long as you’re here, y’may as well enjoy the scenery. Take a look around. What unexpected new things are here to play with, to explore and enjoy?

  • So you find yourself unexpectedly single at the age of forty-whatever. What things can you do with this newfound freedom that you never woulda been able to do if you were linked up in the committed bliss you had dreamt of? (And hey, is everyone who’s in a relationship really in the state of bliss you imagine it to be anyway?) What can you now enjoy as your single self?
  • Or maybe you’re in a relationship but not the one you had planned. What’s special about this person and what fun can be had together, right here where you are?
  • So you now live with family rather than out on your own. Can you build a better relationship with them, enjoy old-style family dinners … or what other magic can you create?
  • “At the age of (fill-in-the-blank), I should be (fill-in-the-blank) and livin’ large!” Maybe you are living large, just in a brand new way. Or you could be livin’ large if you just agreed that here you are, you may as well play!

I encourage you to jump right in and splash around a bit.

What does the universe have in store for you, to surprise and delight you, hidden in the sparkling waters of Plan B?


John Lennon cannonballs into the pool

Look at all the fun John, Paul and Ringo are having! Special thanks to my beautiful friends … Especially to Sue, for the invitation to splash around and for always encouraging me not to make things “such a big hairy deal” 😉  To Pj, for her willingness to process things with me on a moment’s notice. To Elyse, for her awe-inspiring wisdom, continual support and for bringing these amazing beings into my world. To Gary, for always being there for me through thick and thin. And to Maureen, for taking on the challenge to hold hands and just jump on in! 

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