the three ingredient salad shot

the three ingredient salad shot

An on-the-fly hotel room invention … easiest ever and totally delectable … two qualities I always look for in a recipe. 😉

On a stay in the NYC, with my beautiful friend Michelle in tow and healthy eating in mind, I grabbed the least offensive characters offa the deli store shelves and discovered somethin’ that was actually a pretty terrific YUM fest.

Take The Salad Challenge:

My friend Alison is notorious for her daily big salads. Raid your fridge and toss whatever you find that’s fresh with a handful of spinach or greens and a splash of extra virgin olive oil or flax oil … beets, veggies, fruit, nuts, hemp hearts, beans, avocado …

Can you give Ali a run for her money? Let’s explore!

What new combinations can you come up with? What do you love that you never knew that you loved?

. . . . . . . . . . . .

The Three-Ingredient Salad Shot Recipe


  1. Baby spinach
  2. Artichoke hearts (if possible in olive oil, if not no worries!)
  3. Black olives (if possible in brine from the deli, if not no worries!)


Step One: Tear all ingredients into bite sized pieces and toss in a big chunky glass or bowl. If your olives ‘n artichoke hearts came in brine or olive oil you’re in for a treat cuz it will coat the spinach for a nice mouthful of flavor. If not, add a small splash of extra virgin olive oil.

Step Two: There is no step two. Ain’t life grand? 😉


the three ingredient salad shot

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