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you lifting me

Well my beautiful friends, I’ve witnessed some major miracles over here! And it’s all about the healing power of love energy.

You lifted me.

Last week the precious Jeannette Maw was all locked ‘n loaded. If I were unable to host my Magical Medical Mystery Tour call with Bob Doyle, she was ready to hop on and do it for me.

I was incredibly ill and in total misery …

But my heart kept telling me that the one to lead the call must be me.

Not because it had to be me or it should be me (I felt no sense of push in any way, shape or form) … but because my heart was calling me to it. Purely a love thing. I wanted to connect and to be there on the call with everybody.

And so I was.

The following night my parents took me to the ER cuz I had begun bleeding. A lot. Boy is this ever a crazy ride! One minute tossin’ my cookies, the next leading a Magical Medical Mystery Tour session, then rockin’ the ER. I realized my body is really begging me for a time out. So I’ve been giving it that.

Even so, I absolutely know for certain and for sure, beyond a shadow of even the tiniest, most miniscule doubt, that leading the call was the right thing to do. I just knew it in my heart.

I honestly am blown away that I was able to pull it out amidst how much pain I’ve been in … I really rode on my strong intention and the group’s energy.

I told everyone what was going on super-briefly, just that I was feeling incredibly ill but that I wanted to be there with you all.

I asked you to send me your best energy.

And you did.

I listened to the replay and really heard my normal self.

I felt like my normal self.

Afterwards I fell apart. And that was ok. I pulled it together for the call, had a wonderful call and felt really connected to everyone, engaged with Bob and lovin’ every minute of it. And then my body wanted a time out. Which is cool. Sometimes, livin’ in these human bodies, we need to hit the pause button!

There’s a time for pullin’ it out and a time for a time out!

On this week’s call I may add a piece about what happened last week, being able to pull things out through love, energy and intention, following your heart … and also listening to your body. Sometimes I feel like a human guinea pig for these Wednesday sessions. Bob told me I’m leaving a legacy of healing. That really touched my heart. I’m so thankful.

Wanna hear something truly mind-blowing?

I’ve been experiencing such misery that I’ve at times felt I couldn’t handle it and wished I could just “get outa here” with a capital G, O and H. I used to be really good with pain. I could totally get through stuff. Now it’s been goin’ on so long that I’m worn out. I almost feel as if this week I passed some sort of threshold, like I went beyond in misery so far that what once would have been considered tolerable now feels intolerable.

Yesterday my friend Wendy Yellen (facilitator on my second Magical Medical Mystery Tour session), knowing what I was feeling, opened up a time to do some eidetic imagery with me. She asked what I wanted and I said “peace.” So we did an eidetic image together and it was really, really good. I let go of a lotta stuck energy.

We got off the phone around 7 and I realized I was feeling differently, I was feeling some sort of peace inside of me and this “all is well” feeling … I was completely surprised because I’ve been just struggling so much lately that this was a brand new thing to be feeling … peace … and what I had so very much wished for.

Well, that alone was pretty friggin’ awesome
but here’s the mind-blowing part.

I’ve been staying off of the internet for the most part this week— just haven’t been feeling up t’ going online—but for some reason got the nudge to go, via my phone while in bed, to Jumping Tracks (Elyse Hope Killoran‘s group, from my FIRST Magical Medical Mystery Tour session … Notice a trend? Surrounded by amazing people here, right? 😉  ) … So I go to the page and see my name there in this discussion that was posted that very same day.

Here’s what was said:

Hi folks, I wonder would ye be on for sending a blaze of Loving Light to Col this evening at 7pm est? If we do it as a group, she’ll surely get a magnificent boost. I’ll be doing it myself, just simply sending her as much loving light as I can muster and sending it her way. If ye agree, just do it at the time so that the energy is magnified. Lots of loving light to all of us and especially Col.

7pm … exactly when I was feeling the lifting, highly unusual and much-welcomed sense of peace.

Ok now I am going to curse, or sorta curse, get ready. What the F!!! Right? (As curses go, what wasn’t so bad, was it?) I’m not sure if this whole thing comes across but if you were in my body right now you would understand.

  1. I made it through our call somehow, sandwiched in pain, because my heart told me to do it and I requested your energy … and it was not any sort of struggle, it was a beautiful experience.
  2. I felt this unprecedented sense of total peace after doing eidetic imagery and at the exact moment in time when, unbeknownst to me, people were sending me love.


Just wow.

Love sure is magic, isn’t it?


Big, big hugs,

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