Zoodles Parmenon Recipe

Creamy Zoodles Parmenon

Ok guys, it’s a yumfest over here! 😊

This is a super creamy, totally craveable, boyfriend- AND picky father- approved parmeNON zoodles dish.

I’m in Italian food heaven!

Inspired by an idea from my friends at NavitasOOrganics for dairy free, plant based parmesan (thank you Julie Morris! 🤗) … AND some awesome finds I discovered while Christmas shopping for somethin’ to satisfy my dad’s clean-eating-but-pizza-lovin’ taste buds.

(Which reminds me, I still need to show you an awesome plant based pizza that came out of this little food adventure, yahoo!)

Anyway back to the zoodles. I am over the moon that ever’body loves them so much. Including my sous chef (who am I kidding, HEAD chef) Momma.


Oh joy oh joy, this is just like a creamy, decadent pasta parmesan, only without the dairy and white flour! Oh Italian food, welcome back to my belly! 😊

PS You can swap out anything that you like for what I’ve described below, but I’m hoping you try these. I take great care in choosing products that have the highest quality ingredients, pure food with no added sugar or other gar-baaahge 😉 so I hope you will love them too!

. . . . . . . . .

Creamy Zoodles Parmenon Recipe

For the Parmenon

In bullet blender or food processor, quickly pulse all Parmenon ingredients til just combined and the texture of coarse sea salt, a few pulses only. Set aside.

Pat zoodles dry with paper towels, then stir fry in olive oil over medium high heat til warm, about 5 min.

Stir in mozzarella til “melted” and combined, a few min. Stir in pizza sauce til warm, about a min or two.

Remove from heat and stir in 1/4 cup Parmenon.

Plate zoodles, sprinkled with more Parmenon on top. Serve with the rest of the Parmenon on the side, adding it, to taste, as you eat. Enjoy!

. . . . . . . . .

Super Important: Not tomato sauce but PIZZA sauce. So delish!

Zoodles Parmenon Recipe

Zoodles Parmenon Recipe

Zoodles Parmenon Recipe

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