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The scene: On our way back from my echocardiogram/chest x-ray bonanza, another beyoooootiful doctor’s office to experience. (Since when do doctors have offices that look like hotel lounges anyway? Seriously! Can I live here?)

We spontaneously stop by FeelGoods Café  for a super-healthy, preservative-free Sweet Potato Spinach Edgy Burger / Salad Combo with roasted sesame dressing.

Healthy + Yum = Perfection.

On my way out, I attempt to ignore the little shelf of muffins and cookies which are yelling, “Col, Col! YO!”

Our eyes meet. I love a good muffin. I keep walking.

Driving home, Gary declares his intention to pit-stop at the convenience store for a cup’a joe. Um, hang on a sec there, bud—If I remember correctly, you gave up coffee weeks ago! (I remind him playfully.)

Of course he can do absolutely whatever he wants to do but a supportive girlfriend is required to at least remind you before letting you do absolutely whatever you want to do, right? Didn’t I read that in the rule book?

In exchange (I’m told) I can have something I’ve got a hankering for too … that should make it even, says he.

Hmm, this just might work.

Well, I haven’t been having cookies and muffins and ice cream and … the options are endless as a parade of sweet things and bread-like things swim before my goo-goo eyes.

He teases me, “Maybe you shouldn’t. What do you think?”

Maybe I shouldn’t, I don’t know. But I really wanna!

We arrive. Go time. I’ll wait in the car.

Gary: “Where’s my wallet?”

Me: (holding it up) “Here!”

Gary: (continuing around back to the trunk) “Where?”

Me: (moving it in the window towards the back) “Here, right here!”

Gary: (opening up the trunk) “What?”

Me: (smushing the wallet against the back window) “Here, here!”

Suddenly, in the side window, up pops Gary’s monster-grin next to this big muffin. “I got you a muffin! It’s gluten-free! I hid it in the trunk!”

I love this guy.


Me 'n my muffin

  • FeelGoods Café: Long Island, NY
    Our healthy-delicious lunch and my surprise-muffin came from FeelGoods. Every ingredient is 100% natural and free of artificial preservatives, additives, chemicals, dyes … and anything fake! (Do I work in their marketing department? Nope! Just love their food!)
  • Udi’s Gluten-Free: Online, through Amazon
    Not in the NY area and feel like you’re missin’ out? Aaw, don’t feel that way! Order blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls and bagels and double chocolate muffins and other yummies online!


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