nutterbutter green smoothie

Oh my, my! Don’t let the fact that this is green and healthy fool ya. It tastes just like my former friend the Nutterbutter cookie, for reals

Things like this just make me so friggin’ happy … when delicious and good-for-ya come together all in one place.

You can tell how excited I am cuz I just said, “oh my, my!” like somebody’s grandmother. You know how it is. Enthusiasm can do that to ya.

So, guys … this reminds me of a Nutterbutter but with not one speck of bad.

You have no idea how that makes me smile inside! (Or maybe you do!)

Thank you, Sunwarrior, for making this happen! Made with organic pea protein, quinoa, amaranth, brown rice, chia seeds … and some fresh spinach but shhhhh, ya didn’t hear that from *me*!  😉  #stealthfood

. . . . . . . . .

Nutterbutter Green Smoothie Recipe

In blender on high speed, blend all ingredients except banana til spinach is broken down and as miniscule as possible. Add banana then blend again til smooth. Enjoy!

* If you can’t find the super-tasty Sunwarrior and swap out for another vanilla protein powder, you’ll need to add a dash of salt and stevia or other natural sweetener to make up for it.

Nutterbutter Green Smoothie Recipe

Nutterbutter Green Smoothie Recipe


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