Sweet Potato Brownies Recipe

sweet potato (shhhhh) brownies

Ok so if you feed these to anyone, do not, I repeat do not, tell ’em what they are made of! They’re so chewy and brownie-like, I’ll bet they’ll never even guess. (Really, it’s true! Ask my friend Holly!)

Fun with food! 😀

Special thanks to my friend Carrie for informing me that you can make brownies with … what’s that you say? Sweet potato? For reals?

Tip: Bake fresh sweet potatoes yourself for best flavor. Canned puree is touch ‘n go and can taste all sortsa crazy ways. My first batch I had to toss when I made it with a certain company’s canned puree. Not cool. But with real sweet potatoes, it’s t’die for, my darlings, t’die!

Took me three tries to get the ingredients and proportions figured out but it was well worth the effort! Gluten free, dairy free, flour free, egg free, processed-stuff-free brownies? Sign me up!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Sweet Potato (shhhhh) Brownies Recipe

Preheat oven to 350.

In medium pot on medium heat, stir birch xylitol or coconut sugar into water and coconut oil til melted together. Add all other ingredients, mashing with potato masher til smooth and well blended. (Alternatively, you could blend all ingredients in a food processor or blender til smooth.)

Pour into parchment paper lined glass baking dish and bake til a toothpick comes out not-wet (about 20 – 25 min.) The toothpick will not come out clean, it will have some brownie on it, but the brownie will be thick/moist/sticky, not thin/wet/gooey. Cool and enjoy!

Top with some dairy free pumpkin spice gelato, iffin’ ya want to!

. . . . . . . . .

Note: Refrigerated leftovers keep for a few days … if you can stop yourself from gobbling ’em all up! 😉

The ones sprinkled with xylitol look cute ‘n all but are actually not all that realistic. The crystals don’t really stick. Bummer ’bout that. Do it anyway if it feels like fun! If you do try it, make sure to get the xylitol made from birch, not corn, and use in moderation. Here’s why.

*If your nut butter is runny, skip the 1 Tbsp water. If it’s thick and sticky, use the water.

Sweet Potato Brownies Recipe

Sweet Potato (shhhhh) Brownies Recipe

Dairy Free Pumpkin Spice Gelato


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