adventures in fun …

I believe SO MUCH … no, really … SO DEEPLY and PURELY MUCH … that there is a healing energy in laughter and joy and playfulness.

I believe it releases fear and pain and discomfort … It eases us and lifts our spirits and brings our cells into alignment.

Silly, lighthearted, messy … LIFE. Doing for no other purpose but to smile inside and to allow that to radiate through all of your body.

Click a story below and lighten your heart …

Meet Susie the snowman … ‘scuse me, I stand corrected … snow*LADY* (Even tho she was only just born an hour ago, she likes t’think of herself  as a woman so we’ll go with that cuz it makes her happy. And there’s nuthin’ better than a happy snowlady!) January 2016, Susie and Sammie. #truelove Dusk, January 13, 2017 […]

So as you may know, my symptoms got stirred up a few weeks ago. (I should mention, there are symptoms and there are symptoms. Some things I totally got rid of when I radically changed my eating habits … inflammation, for example, which caused intense joint pain was easy to eliminate with clean eating and no […]

The scene: On our way back from my echocardiogram/chest x-ray bonanza, another beyoooootiful doctor’s office to experience. (Since when do doctors have offices that look like hotel lounges anyway? Seriously! Can I live here?) We spontaneously stop by FeelGoods Café  for a super-healthy, preservative-free Sweet Potato Spinach Edgy Burger / Salad Combo with roasted sesame […]

Anna is the light of my life and Anna has autism. Many moons ago, I took a break from my graphic design career for three years in order to work with her and my world has never been the same. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]