Cashew Pesto with Rice

cashew pesto, two ways

Yahoo, this was a 10! (Doncha just love tens? It feels triumphant and sorta makes my day. 😊)

No pine nuts here so we experimented and entered a magical mysterious land of cashews. Turns out cashew-land is a pretty nice place to visit.

My taste buds thanked me. Let me know what yours say!

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Cashew Pesto, Two Ways Recipe

Combine all ingredients in a small pot and cook over medium high heat, stirring frequently, a few minutes or until basil is flaky. Puree in bullet blender. Serve hot over rice or brown rice pasta.


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Note about pasta:

Watch out for pastas that SAY they are one thing and actually have all the same junk as the other pastas, PLUS the thing that they say that they are. No fair! I used Organic Gluten Free Capellini Brown Rice Pasta by Jovial Foods.

Cashew Pesto with Rice

Cashew Pesto with Brown Rice Pasta


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